Aries Facts

Facts about Aries

Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries sun sign is symbolized by the ram. Being the first sun sign, Aries is the sun sign of people who are great movers and shakers. These people simply love challenges. A lot of people consider Aries persons courageous and brave. Here are some more Aries facts for you.

  • People with Aries sun sign are born leaders.
  • These people are responsible and steady.
  • Since the sun sign Aries is symbolized by the ram, people with this sign can be obstinate. They may be unwilling to make compromises.
  • An Aries person can be a great political leader. This person can also do well in military and public sector.
  • People with Aries sun sign love to come up with new ideas. They donít feel hesitant in implementing their ideas.
  • Freedom means a lot to these people. They donít like it if anyone curtails their freedom.
  • These people are very determined by nature.
  • People with Aries sun sign are really energetic. They simply love action.
  • One of the major traits which make Aries people popular is that they are genuinely concerned about the welfare of others.
  • These people are charismatic.
  • People with Aries sun sign are forthright and candid. These characteristics are admired by a lot of people.
  • Aries are highly organized people. So, donít be surprised if your Aries mother decides to organize neighborhood watch, a charity drive or a sports league.
  • These people have a contagious enthusiasm.
  • People easily trust Aries persons and let them lead.
  • People with Aries sun sign can be seen at the forefront of charities and noble causes.
  • These people can work non-stop on something they are passionate about.
  • These people have a strong desire to run the entire show. This trait may make people think that Aries are dominating.
  • These people can sometimes be very willful and confrontational.
  • People with Aries sun sign donít like their authority to be questioned. If someone does this to them, they hold all the grudges.
  • These people donít like to share the spotlight. They will change their cause, project or destination rather than sharing their spotlight.
  • People with Aries sun sign may lose interest in a work if they don't get quick results.
  • These people are usually opinioned and brutally honest.
  • Aries people are confident.
  • They are true explorers. They love to explore new ideas and new places.
  • Aries kids as well as adults can be very competitive with others. They simply think that they should be number one.
  • Routine chores bore these people. They need something new to do or explore every now and then.
  • These people can become your strength. They are strong and motivated.